Miss Sierra Leone Nevada 2021



Margaret Sacco

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Margaret was born in Sierra Leone, and two months later, She and her family moved to Guinea due to the Civil War her country was facing. At the age of 10, her family moved back to Sierra Leone to finish school and meet up with other family members. At a very young age, Margaret’s parents moved to the States, and she was blessed to be raised by her grandparents and experience their love and happiness. She is the second child of four to her mother and the first child of four to her father. At the age of 15, her mom decided to bring her to America to pursue her career, dreams, and purposes. Although coming to America was a blessing, Margaret faced other challenges like speaking English with an American accent. However, she didn’t allow that to stop her dreams and the woman she wanted to be. She graduated high school in 2016 and was in college hoping to study Nursing, but soon enough, she found out nursing was not for her. She is currently on a break to figure out a new career path. Although she has the body, heights, and abilities to be a model, she never really thought about it until her first beauty pageant in 2017 for Miss Sierra Leone, Pennsylvania. She is currently joining the U.S. military and later hopes to start college to become a corporate lawyer. Her ultimate dream is to help children around the world.

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