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Tiffany Waithaka

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Tiffany Waithaka is a 20-year-old first-generation Kenyan from Rialto, CA. She has two siblings, Her younger sister, Queen, and her twin sister Beverley. She was raised by her parents Caroline and Charles, who migrated to the United States from Kenya in 1997. Although she was born and raised in America, her parents raised her and her siblings in a Kenyan community, surrounded by the language, culture, and food.

Tiffany is currently a 3rd-year student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas studying Economics. She plans to become a business owner in the future and take care of her family in the same way they have done for her. Some of her passions include dancing, cheerleading, fashion, makeup, and cooking. Tiffany is an active board member of her university’s African Student Association. She can connect with students of all backgrounds and bring aspects of the African Diaspora to Las Vegas. Through this organization, she has assisted in running events and meetings that have highlighted all the significant elements of every African country and, in doing so, has connected herself and others to their culture even further.

Tiffany has recently taken on an interest in mental and physical health awareness. Through this, she has been incorporating healthier eating habits and mental practices into her daily routine that she plans to share with others in the future. She is incredibly passionate about people and loves to see others thrive and be happy. She finds value in freedom and living life by her own rules. This is why she has chosen to be an advocate for mental and physical health. She plans to inspire others to be their best self while leading a life that makes them happy and fulfilled, free of the fear of judgment from ourselves and others.

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