was born out of personal experience and a deep understanding of the frustrations faced by competition organizers. Our story begins with a series of cultural pageants that we have been passionately organizing for years.

We faced many challenges using various voting platforms available at the time. Exorbitant fees that ate into 30% of our revenue, long waiting periods to receive payments, and persistent technical issues were just the tip of the iceberg. The platforms were riddled with bugs and glitches that not only hampered the voting process but also impacted the overall user experience.

Adding to our woes, the customer service provided by these platforms was dismal. It felt like we were navigating a maze without a guide, grappling with complex issues with virtually no support. The journey, which was supposed to be exciting and fulfilling, often turned into an exhausting struggle.

Driven by these experiences and recognizing the need for a better system, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We wanted to create a platform that was not only efficient and reliable but also fair in terms of revenue sharing. A system where the needs of the organizers were given precedence, and where votes could be cast and counted without a hitch.

With this vision, we built our own simple voting platform. Initially, it was designed for our internal use, to facilitate the voting process for our own cultural pageants. The difference was clear as day. We enjoyed a seamless voting experience, prompt payment processing, and complete control over our competitions.

Recognizing that there were likely other organizers facing the same frustrations we had experienced, we decided to share our solution. We opened up our platform, extending our services to competition organizers who were on the lookout for a reliable, efficient, and fair voting system.

Today, stands as a testament to our journey – from experiencing the challenges firsthand to overcoming them and creating a solution that benefits the wider community of competition organizers. We’re proud of our history and even prouder to share our solution with you.